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Glass Noodles Stir Fry with Shredded Cabbage


Sweet potato glass noodles stir fry with shredded cabbage-another super yummy and simple dish, easy to prepare but bring a big flavor.

We are using glass noodles again today. Remember in the previous ants climbing a tree, mung bean vermicelli is fried with minced beef. Vermicelli noodles (Cellophane noodles)are also known as glass noodles in Chinese. Usually, they are made from starch including mung bean starch, yams (like konjak, sweet potato and potato). For this recipe, you can use either sweet potato glass noodle or mung bean glass noodle.

shredded cabbage & glass noodle stir fry

Chinese glass noodles

To cook dried glass noodles, you need to pre-soak them either in cold water or warm water. Warm water can shorten the time. Usually the soaking process takes around 10-15 minutes with warm water. And drain them completely before frying.

glass noodles and shredded cabbage stir fry step1

Heat up cooking oil in wok; add garlic, ginger, green onion, dried pepper and Sichuan peppercorn to fry until aroma over slow fire. Do not get the garlic slices get burnt, otherwise the dish may come out slightly bitter.  And then fry cabbage until slightly soft.

glass noodles and shredded cabbage stir fry step 2

And soaked noodles and all the other seasonings. Gibe a big stir fry and transfer out immediately.  Overcooking may break the noodles.

glass noodle and shredded cabbage stir fry step3

shredded cabbage & glass noodle stir fry

Besides, if you love cabbage, this Chinese style cabbage stir fry is highly recommended.

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